City of Centerville Storm Water Program

The goal of the City of Centerville’s storm water program is to protect and preserve water resources in the City.  Every citizen has a role in reducing the impact from storm water runoff.  The City of Centerville’s storm water site page is designed to educate the public about what they can do to reduce the impacts from storm water runoff.

What is storm water?

Storm water is rainfall that flows over our yards, streets, parking lots, and buildings and either enters the storm drainage system or runs directly into a lake or stream.

What is a storm drain?

Storm drains are the openings you see along curbs and in streets and parking lots. They carry away rainwater and transport it through the system to nearby lakes and streams. Water and other debris that enter storm drains do not go to a treatment facility.

What is a sanitary sewer?

A sanitary sewer takes household water and waste from toilets, sinks and showers, and transports it to a wastewater treatment facility. There the water is treated and then discharged back to a lake or stream.

How does storm water get polluted?

As storm water flows over our lawns and driveways, it picks up fertilizers, oil, chemicals, grass clippings, litter, pet waste, and anything else in its path. The storm drain system then transports these pollutants, now in the water, to local lakes and streams. Anything that goes into a storm drain eventually ends up in a lake or stream.

Learn more about Water Quality Topics (select the topic to download a printable brochure):

Top 10 Things You Can Do to Help Solve Water Pollution:

  1. Never dump anything down a storm drain or drainage ditch.
  2. Recycle motor oil and other vehicle fluids.
  3. Throw litter in its place.
  4. Clean up after your pet.
  5. Check your vehicles for leaks (repair them!)
  6. Reduce the amount of household hazardous wastes generated at home.
  7. Compost yard clippings.
  8. Use fertilizer and pesticide only when needed. (Read the label!)
  9. If you wash your vehicle at home, do so on the lawn rather than on pavement.
  10. Tell a friend or neighbor about how to prevent storm water pollution and get involved in your community.
  11. Storm water Pollution Prevention Basics  http://11.
  12. How to spot and report storm water pollution

Centerville Storm Drain Marking Program

This program focuses on Public Involvement & Education by getting citizens involved in marking storm drains throughout the City.  The City of Centerville works with volunteers groups in the City to assist with placing markers in storm drains.  Markers are glued to storm structures to tell citizens not to dump things into the storm drains.  The City believes that these markers will discourage people from dumping hazardous materials down storm drains.  The participation of volunteer groups is also a way to educate people about storm water related issues.  Click here to learn more about storm drain stenciling (Storm Drain Stenciling)

Contact the City to find out how to volunteer!

Storm water Complaints

The City of Centerville urges citizens to report any suspected water quality complaints and erosion and sedimentation issues.  Complaints can be emailed directly from the website or called in at the number below.  City staff will follow up on the complaint and take the necessary action to resolve the issue.

To report a violation or file a complaint regarding Storm Water please contact Utilities Superintendent Mike Brumfield at (478) 953-3222 x 243.

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