Utilities and Streets Services

Utility Rate Schedules

Utility Bill Payment Information

Business Hours:
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Phone: 478-953-3222
Fax:  478-953-9599

Please contact the Utility Department for any questions regarding billing, on line payment issues or complaints.

[email protected]

Please make checks payable to:
Centerville Utility Department
300 E. Church Street
Centerville, GA  31028


Payments can be submitted in person, by mail or by clicking here to pay online.

Acceptable Payment Methods

Cash, Checks and Money Orders.  Debit Cards accepted along with the listed Credit Cards; Visa, Master Card and Discover

Bank Draft Information

The City of Centerville Utilities Department offers bank draft services to our customers.  The customer must come to the Utilities Office located at 300 E. Church Street to fill out the draft form.  A voided check (or copy of a check) is required.  Your information is processed into our billing system so the account will be ready to draft the following month.

After your utility account draft is established a note will appear on your monthly bill.  A note on the lower left side of your bill will advise you what day your draft will be processed.  Also, above the name “***DRAFT***” will appear.  Normally bank drafts are processed for payment a few days prior to your due date.

NSF Check Policy

Our bank will automatically re-deposit an NSF check.  If a check is NSF upon the second presentation, the bank will return the check to our office for collection.  We will then send a letter to the customer and charge the account a $20 return check fee.  The customer then has 10 days to pay for the returned check and fees by cash or money order.  If the check and fee are not paid within the 10 day period; service will be disconnected and an additional $20 service fee will be charged to the account.  Service will be reconnected after payment if full or all charges on the account.

The City of Centerville reserves the right to suspend payment of utility accounts by check if three (3) checks are returned NSF within a twelve (12) month period.  When a third check is received NSF within 12 months; a letter is mailed informing the customer that their account has been placed on a “NO CHECK” status.  For a period of one year, no checks will be accepted as payment on the account.  During the 12 month “NO CHECK” status period payments on the account may only be made by cash, money order, credit or debit card.  Once the 12 month period has passed, the “NO CHECK” status will  be removed from account.  Any subsequent presentation of an NSF check will result in the account being permanently placed on “NO CHECK” status indefinitely.

Bad Debt Policy

Customers have ninety (90) days from the date of issue to pay a final utility bill.  Unless acceptable payment arrangements are made in lieu of full payment within ninety (90) days; the debt will be transferred to an outside collection agency.  Once an account is transferred to collections, the City can no longer accept payment nor make payment arrangements for the bad debt.  All customer correspondence should be directed to the outside collection agency.

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